Are Unpaid Invoices Hurting Your Cash Flow?

We teach you how to use the courts to obtain payment of unpaid invoices

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Issuing a Claim

Pre-action steps & how to commence a claim
  • Investigating the debtor before going to court
  • Preparing the letter of claim and protocol
  • The essentials to include in the the claim form
  • Setting out the claim out and improve chances
  • Where and how to send the papers to court
  • How to obtain a CCJ if the claim is undefended

Enforcing a CCJ

How to obtain payment if a CCJ remains unpaid
  • Instructing the bailiff or high court sheriff
  • Obtaining attachment of earnings
  • Placing a charging order against property
  • Obtaining a third party debt order
  • Obtaining an order for questioning
  • An overview of insolvency proceedings

Defended Claim

Handling defended small claims (under £10,000)
  • What to do in response to a defence
  • Completing the directions questionnaire
  • Offers and small claims mediation
  • Preparing  documents and statements for trial
  • Preparation for and conducting the trial
  • Common problems and issues that may arise

Comparisons To Solicitors And Debt Recovery Agents

Below are the comparable costs for recovering a debt of £4,500. Remember these are the costs you will incur for each debt. Our courses teach you to recover debts over and over again.

Typical Solicitor Debt Recovery Charges

(Based on the typical charges of Thomas Higgins, one of the market leaders)

  • Letter of claim £3.00 plus VAT
  • Issuing a claim at court £150.00 plus VAT
  • Requesting judgment in default £42.00 plus VAT
  • Total cost to obtain a CCJ against the debtor: £234 inc VAT

The judgment then needs to be enforced if the debtor fails to pay. Enforcement options include:

  • Instruct Sheriff £51.75 plus VAT
  • Charging order £110.00 plus VAT
  • Third party debt order £150.00 plus VAT
  • Attachment of earnings £100.00 plus VAT
  • Order for questioning £75.00 plus

Debt Recovery Agents

Generally, a commission will be charged on successful recoveries, in the region of 10% plus VAT. Recovering a debt of £4,500, would therefore result in a deduction of  £540 (£450 plus VAT at 20%).