Please give us a call if you have any queries but also check out our commonly asked questions below.


What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is a training course delivered online using either live or pre-recorded video. Our webinars are delivered using slides plus spoken commentary by our trainer.


What Is The Difference Between The Live Webinars And Pre-Recorded Webinars?

The pre-recorded webinars are available to view for 30 days from purchase. They are delivered by access to our members only section of the site. You can watch them when convenient to you within the period they are available. If you book all three webinars at once, we will make all three available for 90 days.

Our live webinars are presented online with live commentary and give you the opportunity to ask questions during the course. Our live webinars tend to run longer than the pre-recorded webinars because we deal with questions during the course itself. Our live webinars are delivered one on one to you, not to several businesses at the same time.


When Can The Live Webinars Take Place And How?

We can deliver a live seminar at a time and date convenient to you.


Can I Save The Video Course To My Computer?

No, the video needs to be watched through our website.

The court rules and forms change over time, so it is important to us that only up to date and accurate information is available to our customers.

In the courts, using out of date information could severely damage your prospects of succeeding. We don’t want customers retaining and relying upon out of date information.

We regularly monitor and update our course videos and supporting materials.