Course Topics

Our Courses And Materials

We offer three courses to get your claims from start to finish. By the end of the three courses you will be able to deal with both straight forward undisputed claims and defended small claims.

When you buy access to an online course you will receive immediate access to:

  • Our video available to watch at your own pace and as often as you like for a year from purchase. We know you are busy and we teach you what you need to know. We don’t put content in our videos as filler.
  • Example content for you to use in the forms and documents you will need to complete. You will need to amend the documents to fit the details of your case but the content is an invaluable starting point.
  • A cheat sheet containing links to all the rules and forms you will need.

Course One: Obtaining Judgment for Undisputed Debts

This is the core of what you need to know to bring debt claims in the County Court. We cover:

  • Pre-issue steps (letter of claim, debtor searches)
  • Completing a claim form
  • Issuing a claim at court (both on paper and online)
  • Obtaining judgment in default
  • Dealing with admissions and part admissions
  • Dealing with instalment orders

Course Two: Enforcing A CCJ

Obtaining an order from the court compelling the debtor to pay you is one thing, actually obtaining the money is another if the debtor fails to pay. We will give you the information on the options available to help you decide what method is best to use to see the money you are owed. Guidance on how to use each of the methods available to you including:

  • Bailiff & Sheriff
  • Charging order against property (including an order for sale)
  • Attachment of earnings (if debtor is an individual)
  • Third party debt order
  • Order for questioning.
  • We will also discuss the potential of insolvency proceedings but we recommend you consult a solicitor to carry out such work.

Course Three: Dealing With Defended Small Claims

Sometimes the debtor will oppose a claim. If the value is less than £10,000, it will likely be dealt with as a small claim, which you should be able to deal with yourself. If of a value greater than £10,000 we recommend you consult a solicitor. With regard to defended small claims matter, we deal with:

  • How to deal with a defence and what happens next
  • Completing a directions questionnaire
  • Preparing a reply to defence
  • Preparing a defence to counterclaim
  • Preparing witness statements and documents for trial
  • Offers and small claims mediation
  • What to expect at trial and what you should know to improve your chances