About SV Legal Training

SV Legal

With the changes to the small claims track limit and civil costs, we see more and more businesses dealing with court work themselves.

We are here to take away the mystery of the court system and to teach you how to use it to recover unpaid invoices.

We will give your business the knowledge and confidence to use the courts to collect payment of your invoices, including conducting a small claim trial before a Judge should a debt be disputed.

We teach online using online video and deliver the training to you quickly and cost effectively. We also supply the links to the relevant rules and forms you will need, along with precedent content to go in the forms themselves.

Hands On Experience

The courses have been prepared by and delivered by Paul, who is a litigation solicitor and partner in the North West of England. He has over 15 years litigation experience of conducting business disputes, so you are in safe and experienced hands.

Paul is vastly experienced in collecting payment of unpaid invoices through the courts and will teach you how to do so yourself.

Teaching You The Essentials

It is useful to know your way around the court rules but you needn't be put off by the volume of information available. You won't need 99% of it for debt claims. We teach you the essentials and avoid over-complicating the process.

We know you are busy and we keep our courses focused and to the point.

Putting You In Control

We will teach you how to deal with straight forward debt matters and small claims disputes, without having the cost and delay of using a solicitor or a debt recovery agency. Most businesses tell us they want to cut their legal bills if they can by carrying out simple legal work in house.

We take away the mystery and fear of the courts so you and your business can deal with your own debt claims and small claims matters independently and with confidence from issue, to trial, to enforcement.

We Are Not A Firm Of Solicitors

We teach you how to use the court system for straight forward debt claims to enable you and your business to carry out your own debt recovery. We also teach how to deal with small claims disputes.

SV Legal Training does not provide legal advice or advice on individual claims. We are not a firm of solicitors or regulated by the SRA. If you require advice on the merits or law applying to your claim, we recommend you obtain independent legal advice from a firm of solicitors. Our courses teach you the procedure to follow, not advice on specific claims.