Litigation spending reducesLitigation spending has reduced according to statistics released in the annual Norton Rose Fulbright litigation trends survey, based on answers given by 803 corporate counsel in Europe, north America and Asia.

The figures may not therefore be representative of every day businesses in England and Wales but on the whole it shows a trend of reduced spending in litigation.

The reasons for reduction can only be speculated upon but it could be:
– The increased use of in house legal action, with businesses carrying out certain work itself rather than using solicitors and barristers.
– The increased and earlier use of mediation, an alternative to court proceedings going all the way to trial if terms can be reached.
– The increased trend in fixed fee legal services, instead of traditional hourly rate. Legal consumers are pushing for more certainty and value in costs.

It is anticipated the trend of reduced litigation spending will continue but the use of the courts still remains a hugely important option and process in credit control and cash flow.


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