Paying court fees for claims online

Issuing claims online has been possible for a number of years through Money Claim Online and Possession Claim Online.

Historically, firms of solicitors have sent claims to court in the post with cheques for court fees and they have been slow to adopt the online options.

It is possible to start claims and to pay court fees online. This has proven handy to litigants in person who can pay a fee on their credit card but more problematic for solicitors, who might not have a credit card for that particular purpose. The civil claims centre in Salford, is now trying to encourage electronic payment of court fees by direct debit rather than cheque.

Issuing papers online is advantageous to everyone and avoids delay in the post and the risk of papers not reaching their intended destination.

The court system constantly tries to find ways to streamline and make efficiencies. Whether the new option of paying for court fees takes off remains to be seen.


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