We teach you how to use the courts to obtain payment of unpaid invoices

Using the courts for debt recovery is not as difficult or expensive as you might think

Courses prepared and delivered by a specialist litigation solicitor with over 15 years experience

Available to you instantly online and for a full year

Consisting of both video and documents

Why Learn How To Use The Courts For Your Debt Recovery?

Cash flow is crucial to all businesses.

Providing goods or services but not being paid for them will create cash flow problems and potentially insolvency.

It is important to have good and effective credit control procedures. Part of those procedures needs to be how to take effective action if statements, reminders and calls do not work. Understanding what steps to take is key and that is where we can help.

We will teach you how to use the courts to obtain payment of monies owed to you.

Course One - To force a debtor to pay, you need to obtain a County Court Judgment (a CCJ). This is an order of the court compelling the debtor to pay. We will teach you how to obtain this yourself.

Course Two - Once a CCJ is obtained, if the debtor doesn't pay, you have a number of options to enforce the CCJ and we take you through those step by step.

Course Three - We also teach you what to do if a small claim becomes disputed, including how to prepare evidence and what to expect at trial. Small claims are usually those not exceeding £10,000 in value.

Whilst it may be tempting to pass an outstanding invoice to a debt collection agency, it is important to remember that they have no teeth. They are not court Bailiffs or Sheriffs. All they can do is use persistence in the hope of payment and any debtor who knows the procedure, will take no notice of them.

What Our Customers Say

"The credit control team now have the knowledge and confidence to use the courts to actually get the money owed in.

It has helped both with simple unpaid invoices and stubborn debtors. Those who refuse to pay we now take to court without hesitation or fear."

Michael P

Finance Director

Benefits and Features


Why pay solicitors to do straight forward legal work that we can teach you to do yourself?

By carrying out work yourself, you keep control of the matter, save money and improve your cash flow.

Each course with materials is only £150, probably less than you pay to recover a single invoice with a debt recovery agent or for a solicitor to issue a claim.

We give you the knowledge and confidence to take action yourself and get paid to improve your cash flow.


Recovering unpaid invoices through the courts can be a straight forward process if you know how. We take you through the procedure step by step online at your convenience.

Our courses consist of video and precedent documents along with links to the forms and rules you will need to use. You can view all the materials instantly after making a purchase.

We teach you what you need to know step by step and in plain English - no legal jargon. We want you be able to take action with some of your own debtors, without the need to instruct a solicitor.


You are in safe and experienced hands. Our trainer has over 15 years hands on experience of hundreds of civil claims and run many matters to trial.

We know from experience, the problems businesses encounter in bringing a claim at court. We can help you avoid the mistakes many businesses make and maximise your chances of recovering payment.

We know the court procedures and are up to date with all the recent changes to the court rules.

View the course materials online whenever is convenient to you.

About SV Legal Training


The courses have been prepared by and delivered by Paul, who is a litigation solicitor and partner in the North West of England. He has over 15 years litigation experience of conducting business disputes, so you are in safe and experienced hands.

Paul is vastly experienced in collecting payment of unpaid invoices through the courts and will teach you how to do so yourself.

Cash flow can be a huge problem for businesses. Many are hesitant to take action to pursue an unpaid invoice because of a belief that using the courts is expensive and complex. The courts are not complex when carrying out debt recovery and nor is it necessary to have a solicitor representing you.

With the increase of the small claims track limit to £10,000, more and more businesses are dealing with debt recovery work themselves and struggling with it.

We are here to take away the mystery of the court system and to teach you how to use it to recover unpaid invoices. By learning how to carry out the work yourself, your business can save cost and keep control of your debt recovery.


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Email: info@svlegal.co.uk


  • All our courses are available to view online, instantly. You can view them on your desktop, laptop or other device such as a tablet.
  • Each course is available for a whole year, so you have plenty of time to view and as often as you need to during that time.
  • The pricing is set out below and a discount is provided if you buy all three courses now.

Issuing a Claim

Pre-action steps & how to commence a claim
  • Investigating the debtor before going to court
  • Preparing the letter of claim and protocol
  • The essentials to include in the claim form
  • Setting out the claim out and improve chances
  • Where and how to send the papers to court
  • How to obtain a CCJ if the claim is undefended

Enforcing a CCJ

How to obtain payment if a CCJ remains unpaid
  • Instructing the bailiff or high court sheriff
  • Obtaining attachment of earnings
  • Placing a charging order against property
  • Obtaining a third party debt order
  • Obtaining an order for questioning
  • An overview of insolvency proceedings

Defended Claim

Handling defended small claims (under £10,000)
  • What to do in response to a defence
  • Completing the directions questionnaire
  • Offers and small claims mediation
  • Preparing  documents and statements for trial
  • Preparation for and conducting the trial
  • Common problems and issues that may arise

Courses Overview

Please watch our introductory video for an overview of the courses and how they are delivered